Feb 2016 Club Meeting: 7p Tue Feb 9 @ Lake Monster Brewing


UPDATE: February’s club meeting has been rescheduled for 7p Tue Feb 9th @ Lake Monster. Just like I wrote the very first time. :p

February’s meeting will NOT be 7:00 on Tuesday, February 92nd at Lake Monster Brewing Co.

550 Vandalia St #160,
St Paul,MN 55114


Matt Lange, their head brewer, will be there to talk to us about the brewery and take questions.

Jan 2016 Club Meeting: 7p THURSDAY Jan 7 @ Indeed’s The Ox Taproom

Indeed Brewing
711 15th Avenue NE​
Minneapolis MN 55413

​The Ox is located on the first floor of the Solar Arts Building, just down the hall from ​Indeed’s​ main taproom. ​​They ​have been very welcoming in ​giving​ us the use of their rental space without charge. Homebrew is allowed​​,​ but please be sure to buy beer from our hosts and tip well.​

Dec 2015 Club Meeting: 7p Dec 8 @ Bad Weather Brewing

We’ll be meeting at Bad Weather Brewing in St Paul at 7:00, December 8. The meeting has been pushed back a week due to the holiday.

Bad Weather Brewing
414 7th St W
St Paul, MN 55102

Homebrew is allowed, but please be sure to buy beer from our hosts, and remember to tip well. Bad Weather is not usually open on Tuesdays, and they are allowing us to use the rental space at no cost.

Sept 2015 Club Meeting: 7p Tue Sept 1 @ Northern Brewer St. Paul

Chris Smith, a truly preeminent cider maker, will be talking cider.  You will not get a better opportunity to get tips, ask questions, and receive feedback on your ciders.  We have several other club members who are experienced cider makers, some of whom have been doing well in major competitions, so there is a lot of knowledge and experience available if you are new to cider or want to get better.

Chris is an extremely knowledgeable brewer as well, so I suspect he’d be happy to answer questions in a wide range of topics.  If you need any more incentive to come to the meeting, Scott Kosloski, General Manager of the St Paul store, has offered a special discount of 15% off to club members that night, so start working on your shopping list.

May 2015 Club Meeting: Saturday May 9th – Big Brew @ Eric’s House.

the next club meeting will be a Big Brew Saturday, May 9 at Eric’s house to debut the new club system.

Everyone is encouraged to come check out the system — hang out, have some beer, and Eric will have a grill going if you want to bring something to grill for a late lunch — but there are only a few slots for people actually brewing that day.

Brewing will start at 9:00 for those of you who are really interested in learning the all-grain brewing process or who want to see how the club system works.  I think we already have four brewers lined up, but if there are any openings we will announce it via email.

Everyone is welcome to just come and hang out, but unless you are really interested in the system, please plan to arrive midday.  Bring some homebrew and snacky foodstuff to share.

If you want something more substantial for lunch, plan to bring something to grill.  You will be on your own for plates, silverware, condiments, etc., unless someone is willing to bring them for the masses.