February 2023 Club Meeting

SPHBC logo Drinky the Viking.

Not a club member? Not a problem!
Just stop on by. This meeting. Another meeting. Whenever it works for you. Meetings are informal and tend to last about two hours or so.

This meeting: Tuesday, February 7th, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.!

Meeting Agenda
The topic of the meeting is the Altbier Brew To Style (BTS) club challenge. We will go over the BJCP guidelines and blind taste and evaluate the entries.  Bring your Alts and bring your recipe notes!

We have decided to incentivize the BTS challenge by awarding the winner a voucher to cover the entry fees and shipping charges of entering the winning beer in a competition (up to $50 total). 

We hope this will result in more club members entering the BTS challenges, and more entries from SPHC in regional and national competitions. 

We will also discuss the result of the recent survey of membership and medium-long term plans for the club. A message summarizing the plans is at https://sphbc.org/sphbc-february-2023-communique/.

The very kind folks – and Kris – at Bent Brewstillery (https://tinyurl.com/bentBrewstillery) have invited us to have this month’s meeting at their place! Bring cash or your credit card and tip well.

Other Stuff
As always, if you have some homebrew or mead or cider (or whatever), bring it! Along your recipe and brewing notes.  Leave your ego at home.

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