March Meeting 3/6/18

First Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

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March Style
Do you like light, refreshing beers? Then you will hate the March meeting of SPHBC. We will devote it to a single style, imperial stouts. There will be a brief intro to the style followed by some pointers on judging. Then we will distribute examples for tasting and evaluation in small groups. There will be a very simplified score sheet to help with the judging. This is an opportunity to taste great imperial stouts, to refresh (or initiate) your judging skills, and to see how your perceptions compare to others. Of course there will be time for whatever home brew you want to bring to share and get feedback.

Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue ( is kindly keeping the door open for this meetings in their Grand Avenue store (thankyouverymuch!) and is happy to honor your SPHBC discount on supplies while there (and, again, the next day, when you are back to pick up the Starsan or bottle caps or whatever you forgot to buy during the meeting).  Again, thank you Northern Brewer!

Other Stuff
As always, if you bring a homebrew or mead or cider (or whatever), bring along your recipe and brewing notes.

Remember that the next “Brew the Style” challenge is Kölsch (BJCP 5B) for the May meeting … if you have something good, get brewing.

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