The Results are in … 2021 Minnesota State Fair

Judging Dates: August 1st – 20th (Virtual)
Best of Show Judging: Week of August 23rd (Bent Brewstillery, Roseville, MN)

2021 Minn-kasi: Richard Helps, Third Place (11.02 points:2 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd)

Dave Bance, Third Place, Category 1  – Pale Lagers
Jeremy Olson, Second Place, Category 2 – Pilsners
James Henjum, First Place, Category 6 – Bock
Richard Helps, Third Place, Category 7, Cream Ale
James Cotner, Third Place, Category 8 – Light Hybrid
Dave Bance, Second Place, Category 11 – Pale British Ale
James Henjum, Second Place, Category 14 – American IPAs
Richard Helps, First Place, Category 16 -Other Strong Ales
Dave Bance, Honorable Mention, Category 16 – Other Strong Aless
Ross Winberg (co-brewer Jessica Haverly), First Place, Category 17 – European Sour Ales
Richard Helps, Second Place, Category 18 – Belgian, French and German Ales
Joe Kinney, First Place, Category 19 – Saison
Garrick Van Buren, Third Place, Category 20 – Trappist and Belgian Strong Ales

Steve Fletty, Second Place, Category 26- Fruit Mead: Cyser and Pyment
Richard Helps, First Place, Category 27 – Fruit Mead: Berry/Stone Fruit/Melomel
Richard Helps, Second Place, Category 28 – Spice, Herb and Vegetable Mead
James Cotner, Second Place, Category 30 – Ciders and Perries

Full Results:

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