The Results are In … 2023 Minnesota State Fair Homebrew Competition

SPHBC logo Drinky the Viking.

Summit Brewing, St. Paul, Minnesota
August 18th-19th

Best of Show – Mead: Steve Fletty, Chateau Fletty (M2B: Pyment)

Nick Stevens, Gold, American Lager – Dog Days
Dave Bance, Silver, Kolsch – Tall Koln One
Ross Winberg, Bronze, British Bitter and Brown – Triumph Bitter
Aric Daul, Gold, American Wheat – Mistral Wheat
Ross Winberg, Gold, Stout – MacKlay’s Oat Malt Stout
Ron Fitch, Silver, Stout – Imperial Stout
Garrick Van Buren, Bronze, Belgian & French – White
Garrick Van Buren, Gold, Monastic Ale – Single
Art Arsenault (co-brewers: Jeff Ciskowski, Jim Bannon, Ross Winberg) Gold, Specialty & Alternative – Norwegian Ale

Aric Daul,
Gold, Specialty Cider – George

James Bannon, Bronze, Traditional Mead – Trad Dry Goldenrod
Steve Fletty, Gold, Fruit – Cyser/Pyment – Chateau Fletty
Steve Fletty, Silver, Fruit – Berry/Stone Fruit/Melomel, Berry Patch
Steve Fletty, Silver, Fruit – Berry/Stone Fruit/Melomel, Passionista
Steve Fletty, Gold, Spice & Specialty Mead – Trio

Complete results:
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