The Results Are In … 2020 Midwinter Homebrew Competition

February 7th and 8th
Revere’s Wells Street Tavern, Delafield, Wisconsin

Mead Best of Show:
Steve Fletty – Melomel, All The Passions

Dave Bance – First, Table 7: British/Commonwealth Beer, Pride of Woodbury (12B: Australian Sparkling Ale)

Steve Fletty – Second, Table 30: Stone Fruit Mead, Cerise (M2D: Stone Fruit Mead)
Steve Fletty – First, Table 31: Melomel, All The Passions (M2E: Melomel)
Steve Fletty – Third, Table 32: Fruit and Spice Mead, Sergio (3A: Fruit and Spice Mead)

Full Results:

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