Tim Cichon’s Brewing System

Northland Brewing.   Tim Cichon Northland Brewing is a shot of my system functioning following with a couple different side angles.   The mash-tun sits on a shelve that will slide in and out.  Once I’m done mashing I can tear down the system and be left with just my boil kettle.  I use an immersion chiller and do not use a pump.  Results have been pretty good over the years.  I have only dumped 2 batches – one my temperature gauge broke and the other mistake was adding fresh Mango to a couple gallons of Helles.  I only lager two batches per year.  One O-fest for my annual poker party and one Helles for spring.Next pictures are (4) of my gravity fed system working.  Yes, I do climb the ladder to dump water for my HLT.Pictures 5 and 6 are of my fly sparging lid.   This is also homemade as my system was made on a very tight budget7 is a picture of my homemade hopstopper.  Works very well.  I purchased 2 stainless steel strainers from IKEA, deconstructed them, sewed them together with copper wire.The last picture is the outcome of the Northland Brewing Ghetto Gravity Stystem ~hmmmmmm BEER or wort at this time.