AHA First Round Results Are In

AHA 2018 First Round Results

Photo of Summit Brewing and snow.
Working right through the blizzard, Minneapolis Region Judging at Summit Brewing, St. Paul.

Congrats to SPHBCers who medaled and advanced in the first round of the American Homebrew Association National Homebrew Competition.

Mike Spores, Third, 1B (Pale American Beer), Minneapolis Region
Mike Spores, First, 5A (Pale European Beer), Minneapolis Region
Sean Sonnabend, First, 11A (Pale British Ale),Minneapolis Region
Aric Daul, Second, 12A (Pale British Ale),Minneapolis Region
David Merz, Second, 16c (British & Irish Stout), Kansas City Region
James Henjum, Second, 15A (Scottish & Irish Ale),Minneapolis Region
Joe Kinney, Third, 21A (American IPA),Minneapolis Region
Jim Cotner, First, 20C (Imperial Stout),Minneapolis Region
Ron Fitch, Third, 20C (Imperial Stout),Minneapolis Region
Tyler Miller, Second, 22A (Stong American Ale), Minneapolis Region
Joe Kinney, Second, 25B (Saison), Minneapolis Region
Jessica Haverly & Crew, Third, 25B (Saison), Minneapolis Region
Steve Simonson, Second, 28B (American Wild Ale), Minneapolis Region
Mike Spores, First, 29A (Fruit Beer), Minneapolis Region
William Richartz, Second, 31A (Specialty Beer), Minneapolis Region
Ross Winberg, Second, 34D (Specialty Beer), New York Region

Joe Gerteis, First, 35C (Traditional Mead), Minneapolis Region
Jeremy Olson, Third, 35C (Traditional Mead), Indianapolis Region
Orsoyla England, First, 36D (Fruit Mead), Austin Region
John Rankin, Third, 36C (Fruit Mead), Tampa Region
Paul Fowler, Third, 36C (Fruit Mead), Minneapolis Region
Jeremy Olson, Third, 36E (Fruit Mead), Indianapolis Region
Steve Fletty, First, 37B (Spice & Specialty Mead), Austin Region
Maggie Wachter, First, 37A (Spice & Specialty Mead), Chicago Region
Rick Helps, Second, 37A (Spice & Specialty Mead), Philadelphia Region
Steve Fletty, Third, 37A (Spice & Specialty Mead), Austin Region

Cider & Perry:
Jeff Cotton, First, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Ross Winberg, Second, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), New York Region
Thomas Coburn, Second, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), Minneapolis Region
Jessica Haverly, Third, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), Minneapolis Region
Thomas Coburn, First, 40B (Specialty Cider & Perry), Minneapolis Region
Jeremy Olson, Second, 40A (Specialty Cider & Perry), Indianapolis Region
Orsoyla England, Third, 40B (Specialty Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Jeremy Olson, First, 40D (Specialty Cider & Perry), Indianapolis Region
Amanda Neisch & Guillermo Marques, Second, 40D (Specialty Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Bjorn Berg w/Jenny Ginter, Second, 40E (Specialty Cider & Perry), Minneapolis Region

Full results:

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