Brew For Good 2019

SPHBC at the Brew For Good 2019 at Sociable Cider Werks in Northeast Minneapolis on Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

Photo of Jess, Guillermo, Ross, Aric, Dave and Fletty.
Jess, Guillermo, Ross, Aric, Dave and Fletty.

From the Brew for Good site:
“This beer sampler/fundraiser event celebrates some of the hottest up-and-coming brewers around: our homebrewers.”

Photo of tent.
Jess and Dave set up. Ross just standing about.

All donations from this event benefit local nonprofit partner Think Small.

Photo of SPHBC offerings.

Think Small is dedicated to providing services, resources, and advocacy for early childhood education in Minnesota.

Call for Help: NHC First Round Sort 3/17

Many hands make light work …

The bottle sort for first round is set for Sunday, March 17th, at 9 a.m. at Northern Brewer headquarters in Roseville (

We’ll have a lot of entries that will need to be unpacked, sorted, and labeled.  The more the merrier.  Whatever other happy crappy cliches might apply.

Need more incentive?  There will be coffee and doughnuts.  No alcohol consumption allowed on site, unfortunately, so leave your green beer (and mead) at home.

Mead Day 2018!

Saturday, August 4th, 5 p.m.
Fletty’s House

Despite his better judgment, Fletty will be hosting a club Mead Day potluck  starting at 5 p.m. 

Please bring something to share and a chair. Chateau Fletty has limited outdoor seating.  Also, please bring your manners.

The club will provide something to grill. Probably brats. If you’re vegan or gluten free, that’s your problem…er…burden…er…wonderful life choice…? Either way, not making tofu dogs or extruded veggie protein.

Spouses are welcome. As are well-behaved children. But, really, leave the kids at home.

Also, the club will be making some traditional mead for mead day. We’ll step through the entire life of the mead and do tastings at each step. When it’s all done, we’ll divide up the bottled mead among all active club members. If you’re interested in participating in this part, email Fletty directly.

And, we’re not kidding about being a respectful guest at Chateau Fletty.


NHC First Round Sort 3/31

Many hands make light work …

The bottle sort for first round is set for Saturday, March 31st, at 9 a.m. at Northern Brewer headquarters in Roseville (

Any help is appreciated and no experience is necessary as there will be hundreds of entries which need to be carefully and lovingly sorted in preparation for judging (Friday, April 13th, and Saturday, April 14th, at Summit Brewing in St. Paul).

Sept 2015 Club Meeting: 7p Tue Sept 1 @ Northern Brewer St. Paul

Chris Smith, a truly preeminent cider maker, will be talking cider.  You will not get a better opportunity to get tips, ask questions, and receive feedback on your ciders.  We have several other club members who are experienced cider makers, some of whom have been doing well in major competitions, so there is a lot of knowledge and experience available if you are new to cider or want to get better.

Chris is an extremely knowledgeable brewer as well, so I suspect he’d be happy to answer questions in a wide range of topics.  If you need any more incentive to come to the meeting, Scott Kosloski, General Manager of the St Paul store, has offered a special discount of 15% off to club members that night, so start working on your shopping list.