June 2017 Club Meeting: 7:00-9:00 June 6 @ Bang Brewing

We are allowed to bring beer to share, but please make sure you thank Jay accordingly by buying beer from the bar and tip him well. We are very fortunate to be able to hold our meeting at his brewery.

Please bring a couple bottles ​(a label with your name and beverage will be helpful!) ​​of anything that you have signed up to be served at Club Night and Social Club for Home Brew Con. We will be collecting the bottles at the meeting, and a group of us will be tasting everything at a ​later​ date, before the conference. If you are unable to attend please let me know so that we can collect your bottles ahead of time.

Ross and Guillermo will have samples of their parti-gyle, and William has put together a blind tasting of 4 beers to compare yeasts. Both will be fairly informal, but should be interesting and informative.

Mar 2017 Club Meeting – 7p Mar 7th @ Northern Brewer St. Paul

Ross and Alejandro will be providing an overview of strains offered by Omega Yeast Labs, now carried by NB.

Alejandro will have a couple beers made using yeasts currently available only from OYL.

Take a look at the attached spreadsheet comparing the strains from the OYL, White Labs, and Wyeast catalogs. Though there is likely some variation between manufacturers, in many instances the comparable strains will be pretty similar if you need to make a substitution because your go-to yeast is not available.

Dec 2016 Club Meeting: 7p Dec 6th @ Able Seedhouse and Brewery

The December meeting will be our club Holiday Party. We will be at Able Seedhouse and Brewery, 1121 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 from 7-10.

It will be potluck style and we will be inviting significant others to join this meeting.

Once again they are not normally open on Tuesday’s, so please be respectful of our hosts, purchase beer from the bar and tip well. More info to come regarding details.

Homebrew is allowed.

Oct 2016 Club Meeting: 7p Oct 4th @ Northern Brewer St. Paul

1150 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN 55105 from 7-9.

Arrive a few minutes early as the doors will close to the public at 7.

We’ll have some Extract St. Paul Porter put on two different toast levels of French and American Oak to sample. We’ll also have some commercial wood-aged beer and some barrel-aged stuff. You’ll be surprised by all the flavor you can get out of a few little wood cubes! Will discuss a little about what to do and not to do when dealing with barrels. Hope to see you there!

Homebrew is allowed.

Sep 2016 Club Meeting: 7p Sep 6th @ Jeremy Olson’s House

Members are encouraged to brew a beer to style for this meeting, and bring it with for other members to sample and evaluate. The style guidelines can be found at http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Beer.pdf There will be a brief rundown of the style, along with a vote for people’s choice. As an incentive to brew and bring your beer, the winner of this contest will be awarded a prize. If you are looking for suggestions on a recipe there are members of the club with award winning APA recipes. Reach out if you are looking for help.

This meetings theme is timed to coincide with the 2017 Minnesota Mashout competition. This is a great opportunity to hone in your recipe and get feedback regarding your beer. Bring your recipe with to the September meeting for the best feedback. Make sure to include your brewing and fermentation notes.

Looking toward the future we have more style focused meetings planned. Start thinking about Stouts for the January meeting. Check https://sphbc.org/brew-the-style/ for more detailed information.

Aug 2016 Club Meeting: 7p Aug 2nd @ Bad Weather

Just as a reminder our August meeting is August 2nd at 7pm:

Bad Weather Brewing
414 7th St W, St Paul, MN 55102

Bad Weather has been very welcoming of our club in hosting us once again. We are hoping for a great turnout to help support a local brewery that has agreed to accommodate our homebrew club. Homebrew is allowed, but please be discrete. Also be sure to buy beer from the bartenders, and tip well.

July 2016 Club Meeting: 7p July 12th @ Muddy Pig

Due to the holiday we will be meeting one week later than usual, on July 12th at 7pm.

We will be meeting at:
The Muddy Pig
162 Dale St N, St Paul, MN 55104

We are will be in the back/side room. Homebrew is allowed, but please be discrete, make sure to treat our hosts well by purchasing beer from the bar, and remember to tip well!