December 6 Club Meeting

We had a fun meeting, discussed a few topics: Extract Brewing, Upper Mississippi Mash-Out, Club Swag, 2012 Club Plans, and drank some beer. Style of the Month: Stouts (13A – 13F). We sampled our way up to Bells Expedition Stout (OG 1.11, ABV 10.5%). Consensus was this would be a good beer to stock up on and cellar. Fletty posed the question, “Why is it that on the web beere rate places RIS always rises to the top.” Answer: Because it’s so easy to hide the flaws from Mook Judges!

The next CoC competition is Dark Lagers – Brew NOW! They are due February 10. The category after that is Stout. If you fully comprehend the previous paragraph, you’ll want bring your best RIS to win. Stout entries are due March 17, 2012.

Scottish and Irish Ale entries are due Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Mead / Cider / Perry

Back Sweetening a Cider
You don’t want to add the sorbate until the fermentation is very complete, i.e., clear and stable. Typically added AFTER the beverage has been sulfited. If there is any renewed fermentation with the sorbate present in the beverage you typically get an aroma and flavor of fresh cut geranium flowers (really the character of the broken stem) — very unpleasant.
So make sure your cider is clear, rack off any sediment, and then treat it with sulfites. Once it is obvious that fermentation is not restarting you can sweeten and add the sorbate at the same time.


by Joe Gerteis
Saint Paul Homebrewers Club
September 7, 2010

When you first start using a brewing software package, one of the first things the software asks you to do is to pick a formula for hop calculations. The common ones are Rager, Garetz, Tinseth, and Daniels. You may have heard people say that hop calculations are estimates only, and what really matters is consistency rather than absolute accuracy. In other words, what they are saying is pick one that works for you and stick with it. That’s true and it’s good advice. The problem is that brewers are often then forced to pick before they really know what’s involved in the choice. The simple practical advice is this: pick Tinseth and stick with it. But if you care about what’s going on and why, here’s the deal.
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2010 NHC results

The complete list of award winners is available at the AHA website.Congratulations to Curt and Kathy Stock, Steve Fletty and Gordon Strong for winning gold medals. Kris and Orsi  England took a bronze. Gordon also won the Ninkasi award, again! Well done to all.This year DOZE won the Homebrew club of the year award.

September Club meeting

The next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday September 7th at The Happy Gnome, starting around 7:00pm upstairs.The topics for the meeting will be recipe formulation and brewing software, PC and Mac.Bring your ears and something to take notes, and don’t forget your beers for feedback. Having your notes from the brewing session will help in understanding what is good and not so good with your beer. So come prepared.