December Meeting Recap

There were lots of new faces at tonight’s meeting. Thanks
to Todd the plumber for the information about ventilating a basement area for brewing indoors. Check the link under resources at left.

Kristen showed us the difference between a kegged and bottle conditioned Belgium style beer. If you are bottle conditioning use Danstar Nottingham yeast, “it drops like a rock” (quote from Eric).  So now we know that heather in a beer does not make it a Scottish ale!

There was no heather in Kris’s Scottish beers; it was an example of a
making three beers from one mash, a method called gyling or
parti-gyling.   60/-, 70/-, 80/- or 90/- are not styles of beer, the shilling ” /-” value was a reference to the wholesale price of a 54 gallon hogshead of beer. There more information about Shilling beers and recipes from Kristen at Ron Pattinson’s blog.


This year, 2009 we held on to our claim of being the AHA Homebrew Club of the Year.The Ninkasi Award was won by Gordon Strong, our Ohio-based member for a second year running.  Meadmaker of the Year honors also remained with SPHBC for the third year in a row, with Thomas Eibner taking the award this year for his cherry tupelo melomel.Congrats to all club members for their help, participation, and beer entries!