January 2020 Meeting

Not a club member? No problem!
Just stop on by. This meeting. Another meeting. Whenever it works for you. Meetings are informal and tend to last about two hours or so. Often followed by a trip to a local establishment, if’n folks are inclined.

This meeting: Tuesday, January 7th, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.!

January Meeting Agenda
It’s the January Club Style Challenge … Porters!

Bring your Porters, bring your recipes, bring your notes and palate … because we are sampling the Porters you and others brewed and bring to this meeting.

Plus, discussion of the 2020 Minnesota Mashout (https://mashout.org/), the competition organized by the Saint Paul Homebrew Club. Get an idea of how the competition is run, opportunities and benefits of volunteering, plans Mashout for speakers and events.

Plus more beer and mead and folly and foppery. That’s what the Saint Paul Homebrewers do.

Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue (https://tinyurl.com/NBStPaul) is kindly keeping the door open for this meeting in their Grand Avenue store (thankyouverymuch!) and is happy to honor your SPHBC discount on supplies while there (and, again, the next day, when you are back to pick up the Starsan or bottle caps or whatever you forgot to buy during the meeting).

Thank you Northern Brewer!

Other Stuff
As always, if you bring homebrew or mead or cider (or whatever), bring it! Along your recipe and brewing notes.  Leave your ego at home.

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