The Results Are In … Mashout 2020

Saint Paul Homebrewer Club members at Summit Brewing in St. Paul, MN, at the end of the awards ceremony.
SPHBC at 2020 Mashout awards ceremony.

January 24th and 25th, 2020 at Summit Brewing, St. Paul, Minnesota


Ross Winberg (Co-Brewer: Robb Stephens) – First, Table 5: Pils, Kleine Pils Und Hil Yis Pils!
Paul Fowler – First, Table 6: Schrödinger’s Bocks
Asa Bielenberg – Second, Table 8: Dark Blackish Lagers 
Dave Bance – First, Table 9: #megxitMegxitMEGXIT
Dave Bance – Third, Table 10: Small Brown Jobbers
Ron Fitch – Second, Table 14: Beer Styles Trump Hates
David Mertz – Second, Table 18: Ipas For People That Are Bored
Aric Daul – Second, Table 22: I Like This Style Like I Like My Men
David Mertz – Third, Table 22: I Like This Style Like I Like My Men
Douglass Johnson – Second, Table 23: Hopefully Not Booch

Jessica Haverly – First, Table 29: Sexy Ciders
Amanda Neisch (Co-Brewer: Guillermo Marques) – First, Table 30: Sexierist Ciders

Guillermo Marques (Co-Brewer: Steve Fletty, Amanda Neisch) – HM, Table 35: Sour Grapes
Paul Fowler – First, Table 36: Flower Ovaries
Paul Fowler – Third, Table 37: Stoned Fruit
Steve Fletty – Second, Table 38: Sideshow Mels
Amanda Neisch (Co-Brewer: Guillermo Marques) – HM, Table 40: Keep Your Brazilian, All I Need Is a little Shv
Jeremy Olsen – Second, Table 41: Apples, Burnt Sugar And Made Up Stories
Steve Fletty – Second, Table 42: Meadtails & Hateraide

Full results:

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