The Results are In … 2022 Minnesota State Fair Homebrew Competition

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Remote Judging
July 30th-August 14th

Best of Show – Mead/Cider: Steve Fletty, All the Passions (M2E: Melomel)

Minn-kasi CompetitionRichard Helps, fifth overall

Dave Bance, Gold, Kolsch – A Tall Kolsch One
Richard Helps, Gold, American Wheat and Cream Ale – Spotted Fawn
Ross Winberg, Gold, Other British and Irish Ales – Midlands Mild
Richard Helps, Bronze, Strong Ales – Spotted Dc English Yummy
James Cotner, Bronze, American Porter and Stout –Ukrainian Stout
Michael Spores, Bronze, American Wild Ales – Swan Song Sour
James Cotner (co-brewer: Ross Winberg), Smoked, Wood and Specialty – Voss-øl

Steve Fletty, Gold, M2E: Melomel – All the Passions
Richard Helps, Gold, Fruit & Spice, Spice, Herb or Vegetable – Spotted Raspberry Habenero

Complete results:
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