Champion beer of Britain.

The champion beer of Britain,  Harvest Pale (3.8%) from Castle Rock brewery in Nottingham was announced at the CAMRA GBBF on Aug 3rd, so this is not exactly hot off the press. Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Bitter (4.3%) was the runner up, with Hammer Mild (3.8%) from Surrey Hills in third place.What I find of interest is that the Champion beer is described as:  ‘blonde and refreshing with distinctive citrus hop.’ , and it has an ABV of 3.8%.  So who’s going to brew a blonde session beer with Cascade hops?Of the 25 beers in the winners list only 5 had an ABV of 5% or higher, the highest being an 1872 Porter and a Welsh beer(?) Ysbrid y Ddraig (Ramblers Ruin) both at 6.5%. I wonder when, or if, any  US brewers will follow suit and brew beers that we can have more than one of and still walk?

AUGUST Club meeting this Saturday Aug 7th

The monthly meeting will be at Northern Brewer at the Mead Day thing on Saturday August 7th.
Elections for Pres and VP will be held.

iPod touch and iPhone apps.
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Tim Cichon’s Brewing System

Northland Brewing.   Tim Cichon Northland Brewing is a shot of my system functioning following with a couple different side angles.   The mash-tun sits on a shelve that will slide in and out.  Once I’m done mashing I can tear down the system and be left with just my boil kettle.  I use an immersion chiller and do not use a pump.  Results have been pretty good over the years.  I have only dumped 2 batches – one my temperature gauge broke and the other mistake was adding fresh Mango to a couple gallons of Helles.  I only lager two batches per year.  One O-fest for my annual poker party and one Helles for spring.Next pictures are (4) of my gravity fed system working.  Yes, I do climb the ladder to dump water for my HLT.Pictures 5 and 6 are of my fly sparging lid.   This is also homemade as my system was made on a very tight budget7 is a picture of my homemade hopstopper.  Works very well.  I purchased 2 stainless steel strainers from IKEA, deconstructed them, sewed them together with copper wire.The last picture is the outcome of the Northland Brewing Ghetto Gravity Stystem ~hmmmmmm BEER or wort at this time.