AHA First Round Results Are In

AHA 2018 First Round Results

Photo of Summit Brewing and snow.
Working right through the blizzard, St. Paul Region Judging, Summit Brewing.

Congrats to SPHBCers who medaled and advanced in the first round of the American Homebrew Association National Homebrew Competition.

Mike Spores, Third, 1B (Pale American Beer), St. Paul Region
Mike Spores, First, 5A (Pale European Beer), St. Paul Region
Sean Sonnabend, First, 11A (Pale British Ale), St. Paul Region
Aric Daul, Second, 12A (Pale British Ale), St. Paul Region
David Merz, Second, 16c (British & Irish Stout), Kansas City Region
James Henjum, Second, 15A (Scottish & Irish Ale), St. Paul Region
Joe Kinney, Third, 21A (American IPA), St. Paul Region
Jim Cotner, First, 20C (Imperial Stout), St. Paul Region
Ron Fitch, Third, 20C (Imperial Stout), St. Paul Region
Tyler Miller, Second, 22A (Stong American Ale), St. Paul Region
Joe Kinney, Second, 25B (Saison), St. Paul Region
Jessica Haverly & Crew, Third, 25B (Saison), St. Paul Region
Steve Simonson, Second, 28B (American Wild Ale), St. Paul Region
Mike Spores, First, 29A (Fruit Beer), St. Paul Region
William Richartz, Second, 31A (Specialty Beer), St. Paul Region
Ross Winberg, Second, 34D (Specialty Beer), New York Region

Joe Gerteis, First, 35C (Traditional Mead), St. Paul Region
Jeremy Olson, Third, 35C (Traditional Mead), Indianapolis Region
Orsoyla England, First, 36D (Fruit Mead), Austin Region
John Rankin, Third, 36C (Fruit Mead), Tampa Region
Paul Fowler, Third, 36C (Fruit Mead), St. Paul Region
Jeremy Olson, Third, 36E (Fruit Mead), Indianapolis Region
Steve Fletty, First, 37B (Spice & Specialty Mead), Austin Region
Rick Helps, Second, 37A (Spice & Specialty Mead), Philadelphia Region
Steve Fletty, Third, 37A (Spice & Specialty Mead), Austin Region

Cider & Perry:
Jeff Cotton, First, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Ross Winberg, Second, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), New York Region
Thomas Coburn, Second, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), St. Paul Region
Jessica Haverly, Third, 39A (Standard Cider & Perry), St. Paul Region
Thomas Coburn, First, 40B (Specialty Cider & Perry), St. Paul Region
Jeremy Olson, Second, 40A (Specialty Cider & Perry), Indianapolis Region
Orsoyla England, Third, 40B (Specialty Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Jeremy Olson, First, 40D (Specialty Cider & Perry), Indianapolis Region
Amanda Neisch & Guillermo Marques, Second, 40D (Specialty Cider & Perry), Austin Region
Bjorn Berg w/Jenny Ginter, Second, 40E (Specialty Cider & Perry), St. Paul Region

Full results:

April 2018 Meeting Rescheduled 4/10

Due to weather, the April meeting is moved to the SECOND Tuesday in April, the 10th, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Not a member?
Join us for the meeting.  This one.  Another one.  Whenever.

April Meeting Agenda
We will be taking a closer look at an ingredient loved in some styles and loathed in others:  crystal malt.  What is it?  How is it different from base malt?  What can it contribute to a beer?  How can you use it?  We will be evaluating several US and UK crystal malts covering a broad range of the Lovibond scale to see (and taste) how they compare to one another.

Additionally, there will an off flavor session, something we will be rolling out with more frequency at meetings.  This month: pfenolic/plasticy-y

Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue (https://tinyurl.com/NBStPaul) is kindly keeping the door open for this meetings in their Grand Avenue store (thankyouverymuch!) and is happy to honor your SPHBC discount on supplies while there (and, again, the next day, when you are back to pick up the Starsan or bottle caps or whatever you forgot to buy during the meeting).  Again, thank you Northern Brewer!

Other Stuff
As always, if you bring a homebrew or mead or cider (or whatever), bring along your recipe and brewing notes.

Huzzah for Haverly, Part Two

Congratulations to Jessica Haverly, whose Rose Gold was awarded Best in Show-Cider at March Mashness 2018 in St. Cloud this weekend. This is on the heels of her Saison taking Best of Show at the 2018 Winter Beer Dabbler in late February.

March Mashness 2018
February 9th & 10th
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Jessica Haverly, First Place & Best in Show-Cider, C1B: English Cider, Ciders
Ross Winberg (Co-Brewer: Jessica Nieding), Second Place, C1A: New World Cider, Ciders
Jessica Haverly, Third Place, C1E: Traditional Perry, Ciders

Paul Fowler, Third Place, 21A: American IPA, American IPAs
Ron Fitch, Third Place, 20C: Imperial Stout, American Stouts & Porters

Full Results:

May 2018 Club Challenge: 5B. Kölsch

Brew one up and bring some with you to the May meeting for tasting, comparison and discussion.

If you don’t already have a recipe or are just looking for another to try, this sample comes from Jeremy Olsen:

     5B. Kölsch
     5 gallons
     IBU 25
     SRM 4

     95% German Pils Malt
     5% Vienna BU

     1 oz Hallertauer (5%AA) 60 minutes

     Mash at 149F
     90 minute boil
     Ferment at 60 degrees with WLP029 or Wyeast 2565
     Lager for 4 weeks

NHC First Round Sort 3/31

Many hands make light work …

The bottle sort for first round is set for Saturday, March 31st, at 9 a.m. at Northern Brewer headquarters in Roseville (https://tinyurl.com/NBheadquarters).

Any help is appreciated and no experience is necessary as there will be hundreds of entries which need to be carefully and lovingly sorted in preparation for judging (Friday, April 13th, and Saturday, April 14th, at Summit Brewing in St. Paul).

Go Big (Brew) …

Come check out the Big Brew system, hang out, and drink some homebrew with us!

Saturday, March 3rd.  The strike water will start heating up at about 9am for a Kölsch.

Bring something to drink and something to snack on, and a seat if you so choose.  Come late, leave early or stay the entire time.  Come dressed in Michigan Maize and Blue!

Address is 1969 Jefferson Ave. St. Paul, MN 55105.

Results Are In … Midwinter ’18

2018 Midwinter Homebrew Competition

February 16th & 17th
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Aric Dahl, Third Place, Category 1D – American Wheat Beer
Paul Fowler, Second Place, Category 4A – Munich Helles
Dave Bance, Second Place Category 9A -Dark/Strong European
Joe Gerteis, Third Place, Category 11A – Ordinary Bitter
James Cotner, Second Place, Category 20C – Imperial Stout
Dave Bance, Third Place, Category 21B2 – Black IPA
Jeremy Olsen, First Place, Category M2E – Melomel
Paul Fowler, Third Place, Category M2E – Melomel
Adrian Eastwick, First Place, Category 19B  – California Common

All Results: