Rant Style guidelines

Since the American Homebrew Association (AHA) has intensified their goal of disenfranchising as many homebrewers and competitors in the National Homebrew Competition (NHC) as possible we complain! Being the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club we like to be the best, and we like to organize stuff. Prepare for the 1st Annual Bitch about the AHAs NHC.
Rant Style guidelines:

Category 1 – Drunk:

A: Angry drunken rant
B: Loving drunken rant

Category 2 – Unintelligible:

A: Entire rant slurred into one word
B: Every work mispronounce

Category 3 – Insults:

A: Condescending
B: Passive Aggressive
C: Offensive

Category 4 – Holier Than Thou

A. I’m Always Right Because _________
B. You Should Never/Always Do X
C. Self Righteous Indignation
D. Unintentional Buffoonery

Category 5 – Open/WTF?!?!

A. Anything not covered in Cats 1-4

Category 6 – Sour & Bitter

A. Judge at fault

Don’t worry about the entry lottery system, just like the AHA we’ll change the rules to give the win to whomever we desire!