The Results are In … 2020 Valkyries Horn

August 29th – September 5th, 2020 (Virtual Judging)

Cyser – Silver, Amanda Neisch (Co-Brewer: Guillermo Marques), Cyser
Pyment – Gold, Guillermo Marques (Co-Brewer: Amanda Neisch), Pyment
M3a/M3b Group3 – Gold, Steve Fletty, Kinky Cuke
Melomels – Silver, Steve Fletty, All the Passion
Specialty – Gold, Steve Fletty (Co-Brewer: BJ Haun, Curt Stock), Trio Porto
M3a/M3b Group1 – Gold, Steve Fletty, St. Paul Chili

Full Results: (opens in new window)

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