December Club Meeting

Our monthly club meeting will be as usual at the Happy Gnome on Tuesday December 7th at about 7:00pm. NOTE THE MEETING LOCATION HAS CHANGED TO STEVE FLETTY’S HOUSE in Falcon Heights / St. Paul. There is no specific topic this month; bring your beers for sharing and feedback and bring questions. Halvo may be going over brewing software. Eric will tell you why you should help out with sorting UMMO entries, subliminal suggestion may be used, or the promise of free beer will entice you to volunteer.

Nov 2010 Club Meeting

The next SPHBC meeting is Tuesday November 2nd @ 7pm at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul.We will be hosting John Leinenkugel for a talk and sampling of Big Eddy Imperial Stout. They should be to the Gnome by around 6:45pm and will be the first item on our “agenda”.”Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout, at 9.5% alcohol by volume, boasts a selection of eleven malts and grains, balanced by three distinct hops. Munich, Caramel and Chocolate malts combine with classic Pale and Pale Ale malts to provide a rich, dry character balancing Big Eddy’s hoppy assertiveness provided by Warrior, Summit and Glacier hops.”The 2007 edition of this beer was brewed at their small 10th Street brewery in Milwaukee, I have no idea if the same applies for the 2010 edition but the last time I had it it was a very nice beer.’ll also talk about the upcoming Upper Mississippi Mash Out and, as usual, feel free to bring your homebrew to share.

AUGUST Club meeting this Saturday Aug 7th

The monthly meeting will be at Northern Brewer at the Mead Day thing on Saturday August 7th.
Elections for Pres and VP will be held.

iPod touch and iPhone apps.
Here are some free Beer related apps for your iPod or iPhone:

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January meeting TONIGHT (1/5/10) @ 7pm and info on the next CoC

This is a reminder that we’ll have our January meeting at the
Happy Gnome at 7pm, Tuesday the 5th.  As the Upper Mississippi Mashout
registration is now open, we’ll do a short tutorial on how to enter.
 We’ll also use this as a chance to give/get advice on any beers you
are unsure about or need to decide which category or subcategory to
If you’re not familiar with BJCP style guidelines yet, you might want to look through before the meeting: on the next CoC from TechTalk:
“The Club Only competition coming up for February is English Brown Ale
and is hosted by The Impaling Alers.  We’re calling it “The Session
Challenge”.  Entry information is located at the AHA site and in the
current issue of Zymurgy.  Entries are due at Larry’s Brewing Supply on
or before Tuesday February 16th, 2010.  (Larry’s is closed on Sundays
and Mondays)  Judging will be held on Saturday February 20th, 2010.
 Rattle those kettles!”