November Meeting (11/7) — 7:00 NB-St Paul

We will be meeting at Northern Brewer – St Paul at 7:00 tomorrow evening. We’ll be having a brief discussion on kettle souring and an informal tasting of pale ales made by different brewers supposedly following the same recipe.


3 thoughts on “November Meeting (11/7) — 7:00 NB-St Paul”

  1. I’d like to attend one of your meetings. I live on the east side and have been 3 gal. Extract & Steep batches from B.Y.O. for about 2 years. Thanks

    1. Hello Len,

      Great, please join us if you can, any meeting.

      Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 2nd, at 7 p.m. We still do not have a meeting location yet, but will post that information when we do have one lined up.

      The January meeting will have a club style challenge (Belgian Dark Strong), so there will be a chance to sample a few of those. There will likely be a lot of talk about the 2018 Mashout, which is a local competition started by club members and has grown into one of the larger home brew competitions in the country and takes place at Summit Brewing January 26th and 27th. Plus general talk and sampling of whatever people bring.

      Again, come to any meeting you can for part or all. We have a variety of brewers, mead and cider makers in the club.


    2. Hey Len,

      I just found out that the January meeting will be at Northern Brewer on Grand Avenue in St. Paul – they will keep the door open for us.


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