2012 Q1 Meetings/Schedule

January: We will NOT be having a normal January first Tuesday of the month meeting. We will have a beer social the second week in January at a place TBD (likely Republic or Town Hall). The Upper Mississippi Mashout planning and prep will be in full swing, so please be sure to volunteer!

February 7th.  Club tour and mini-meeting at STEEL TOE BREWING in St. Louis Park (barely west of uptown area).

March: Tentative club party. Likely March 9th (Friday night) or March 10th (Saturday eve), but still very much in planning stages. Location TBD.

April: Normal meeting, targeting the back room at The Muddy Pig. Also likely will be a club big brew this month.

December 6 Club Meeting

We had a fun meeting, discussed a few topics: Extract Brewing, Upper Mississippi Mash-Out, Club Swag, 2012 Club Plans, and drank some beer. Style of the Month: Stouts (13A – 13F). We sampled our way up to Bells Expedition Stout (OG 1.11, ABV 10.5%). Consensus was this would be a good beer to stock up on and cellar. Fletty posed the question, “Why is it that on the web beere rate places RIS always rises to the top.” Answer: Because it’s so easy to hide the flaws from Mook Judges!

The next CoC competition is Dark Lagers – Brew NOW! They are due February 10. The category after that is Stout. If you fully comprehend the previous paragraph, you’ll want bring your best RIS to win. Stout entries are due March 17, 2012.

Scottish and Irish Ale entries are due Thursday, May 10, 2012.

October Club Meeting

The October SPHBC meeting will be held Tuesday October 4th 7pm upstairs at the Happy Gnome!  [NOTE: This date was corrected, previously was listed as 10/6]
If you want to bring a beer for consideration as an entry to the Specialty/Experimental/Historical Beers competition please do so.
If you want comments on your brews: Bring at least 2 12 ounce bottles to make it around the room, they should be labeled with Your Name, and Style (without labels it is chaos). Also, bring your recipe & brewing notes because you will be questioned about your ingredients and brewing process. You cannot expect recommendations for improvements on a beer if you don’t remember what’s in it!

September Club Meeting

Fletty passed around some traditional mead from various varietals of honey for sample and discussion, including: raspberry, blackberry, tupelo,  a blend of the 3, and an ’09 fruit mix. Jeff follwed with mystery beers, where we had to guess if they were pro or homebrewed. Some of the comments included…
“This makes my beer taste better.”
– Richard
“Pliny is like Bud Lite compared to this shit.”
– Fletty

December Club Meeting

Our monthly club meeting will be as usual at the Happy Gnome on Tuesday December 7th at about 7:00pm. NOTE THE MEETING LOCATION HAS CHANGED TO STEVE FLETTY’S HOUSE in Falcon Heights / St. Paul. There is no specific topic this month; bring your beers for sharing and feedback and bring questions. Halvo may be going over brewing software. Eric will tell you why you should help out with sorting UMMO entries, subliminal suggestion may be used, or the promise of free beer will entice you to volunteer.

Nov 2010 Club Meeting

The next SPHBC meeting is Tuesday November 2nd @ 7pm at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul.We will be hosting John Leinenkugel for a talk and sampling of Big Eddy Imperial Stout. They should be to the Gnome by around 6:45pm and will be the first item on our “agenda”.”Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout, at 9.5% alcohol by volume, boasts a selection of eleven malts and grains, balanced by three distinct hops. Munich, Caramel and Chocolate malts combine with classic Pale and Pale Ale malts to provide a rich, dry character balancing Big Eddy’s hoppy assertiveness provided by Warrior, Summit and Glacier hops.”The 2007 edition of this beer was brewed at their small 10th Street brewery in Milwaukee, I have no idea if the same applies for the 2010 edition but the last time I had it it was a very nice beer.http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/leinenkugels-big-eddy-imperial-stout/78733/http://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/stories/2010/10/04/daily50.htmlWe’ll also talk about the upcoming Upper Mississippi Mash Out and, as usual, feel free to bring your homebrew to share.